The Arrival of Leland Tate Gosnell

January, 24, 2012; 6:58 AM
First, my prenatal care through Sarah Jones Midwifery was beyond excellent. My first pregnancy had been extremely difficult, wrought with all kinds of health issues, including gallstones. I expressed my deep anxiety to Sarah about this second pregnancy when I met her the first time. Through her knowledge and natural health plan, I had the most wonderful feeling pregnancy I could have dreamed of! Her use
of supplements, oils, and healthy foods did wonders for my body and the health of the baby. You will not find another with more wisdom than Sarah.
The birth:
Went to bed on the evening of the 23rd around 11:00. My due date was still 6 days away, and since I was late with my first, I figured this labor would be the same. Woke to my first contraction at 12:45 am, more annoyed than anything. I figured it was another dose of false labor, so I bustled up and got in the bathtub at 1:15. I thought the water would stop the contractions and I could go back to bed.  Surprisingly, I sat in the tub for about 45 minutes, and my contractions picked up!
(I downloaded a free contraction timer app on my phone that I could use while I surfed facebook).
At 2:00, I texted Sarah to let her know what was happening. I still wasn’t fully convinced that this was it. She suggested I take Benadryl and try to get more sleep. But by the time my husband got his shoes on to go pick some up, there was no point.  My husband called Sarah back to let her know that they had gotten stronger and I could no longer talk through them. She said, “Okay. I’m on my way!”
By 3:00 am, Sarah and most of her team had arrived. My photographer, Cassie Raney with Sassafras Photography, joined the party. Thank you, Cassie, for lavishing us with incredible memories! You truly have a gift.  Contractions were 4-5 minutes apart, lasting about a minute. I was a good 5 centimeters, water intact. For the next couple of hours, my husband and I labored.  In the shower, on the toilet, on the birthing ball. He was a fantastic partner –squeezing my hips, supporting me. The entire midwife team labored in prayer with us as I progressed.  With my bag of waters still intact, I wasn’t fully dilating. I was stuck at 8 cm. Sarah had me climb up in bed and push with the next two contractions to see if we could get the baby’s head down low enough to put a bit of pressure  the cervix since the bag of waters was doing all the dilation. She was a genius! She held my cervix in place while the baby’s head came down.  Once his head was low enough she broke my water.  At 6 am. She sent me to the toilet for a few contractions, knowing this position would drop the baby down, and boy, did it! By the third contraction, the pushing was involuntary.  I moved to the bed, and we began to push. With my first baby, I only pushed twice –one for the head and once for the body. So I thought it would be a breeze! But this baby was still a little higher up, so it took a little more work. And a lot more trusting my team and my Heavenly Father to endure the pain. About 5 pushes later, his head was crowning. With the next contraction, his head came out and his body right after. It was probably only 15 minutes of vigorous pushing, but it felt like a lifetime! 6:58 am. Leland Tate Gosnell; 7.7 lbs, 19.5 inches long.  The Lord so faithfully even worked out the timing. We had prayed that he would be born before our 2 ½ yr old son woke up at 7:00. Just in time!
Leland was perfect. Not even very upset with us! My placenta was a little stubborn, so I was lifted up into a squatting position and pushed with a contraction. It finally released, and came out completely. Thank you, Jesus!
[On a side note, I had postpartum depression when my first child was born , and had been searching for ways to avoid it this time. Sarah suggested I encapsulate my placenta, and referred me to Brittany Wackowski. Studies show the placenta promotes bonding, increases lactation, decreases postpartum fatigue, and helps avoid postpartum depression. Ask Sarah for more info if you’re interested.]
As I was being checked, our herbal bath was made. With no lights but a few dim
candles, it was the most serene experience. The baby and I loved it.  I would have done this no other way. Thank you, Lord, for the incredible joy of birthing a child. And thank you to Sarah and her team for making Leland’s birthday at home an amazing experience!
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