Testimonials from the clients of Sarah Jones, Dallas Fort Worth Midwife


“In the very beginning of my pregnancy, to keep an open mind, I met with an OB/GYN & I met with Sarah.  The differences were remarkable.  With Sarah, there was a warmth, openness, and integrity that was missing with the OB.  And time…  She actually spent time with me, answering all of my many questions and concerns.  I felt immense comfort and relief with my decision to go with Sarah.  I will always appreciate her guidance, especially with nutrition, throughout my pregnancy.

But the birth…  That’s another story.

Because it’s a little more than appreciation.  I think without her, I would have been lost.  When she arrived, at the perfect time in the later stages of labor, her presence was magical.  Her soothing voice calmed me, and her encouraging words reminded me & Marcus of everything she had taught us, and that we could do it.  And we did, with her beside us the entire way.

I thank God that I found Sarah, because on the most important day of my life, I couldn’t have imagined a better experience.  Thank you Sarah.”


clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“I feel very blessed to have had such an experience from the beginning of my pregnancy and even after the birth of my first child Henry. I loved how well I was cared for I never felt rushed or like I was just another client, Sarah was always there when I had any questions and never made me feel silly for asking. The level of comfort I felt with Sarah just grew over time and began to think of her as a friend that was taking very good care of me while I was pregnant. My labor started at 2 in the morning and she imediatly responded and walked us through what to do. At the birth center everything was quiet and peaceful, Sarah was ready and waiting. When things slowed down she prayed for me, you don’t get that treatment at a hospital. I believe a woman’s body is more than capable of birthing children with intervention in only the most extreme cases.

After it was all said and done I felt empowered, in the midst of labor there were very painful moments, but I look back and smile and know that I made the right decision and attribute a speedy recovery, healthy baby, and fond memories to my decision for a natural childbirth and using Sarah as my midwife. I will use Sarah as my midwife for my next child.”

~Katie Browning

clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“Our journey with Sarah has been a blessing.  The day my husband and I met with Sarah we also met with an OB/GYN, not certain which route we wanted to take.  When we met with Sarah, she sat with us for almost an hour and patiently answered all of our questions.  She shared her journey over the past few years with us and expressed her passion for what she does.  She also recalled several relationships developed with her clients along the way and explained how important those relationships are to her.

I had several fears prior to our meeting with both professionals, mainly with the midwifery option.  It of course is not traditional and people’s reactions when I told them I was considering it, were far from supportive.  They bombarded me with their perceptions of the practice, their fears and with warnings of how painful it would be.  I knew one thing going into our decision however; my husband and I wanted our child brought into the world peacefully.  We wanted her to feel love, hope and warmth.  After meeting with Sarah it was obvious the doctor we met was not going to provide that ambiance we wanted in a sterile hospital.  And we knew that Sarah would, especially in the comfort of our own home.  We knew she would be able to give us the nurturing we needed to make our desires for a serene birth become a reality.

Being first time parents, we needed all the support we could get.  Gentle Beginnings provided birth classes and a breast feeding course I opted to take as well.  Both of which were very informative and eased my mind about the natural labor process.  Everyone was given an opportunity to share their biggest concern with the class at the end of the course.  It allowed for discussions, sharing and a prayer network to develop.

Towards the end of our pregnancy there was a concern with my blood work that worried Sarah I would not be able to move forward with natural labor.  She consulted a doctor, took more tests as we got closer to my due date and monitored me very closely.  Sarah was preparing me for the worst and gently told me I might have to deliver at a hospital.  Luckily my final lab results were great and we didn’t have to entertain it again but I know she would have made the hard decision for us.  I know our health, both our baby’s and my own, were her priorities.  Over the course of my pregnancy I trust that she would have not hesitated to hand me off to a doctor if she felt it necessary.

What we had wanted for our daughter’s entry into this world was exactly what I imagined it being.  I remember tranquility, love, joy and a stillness that’s indescribable.  I remember Sarah’s nurturing, her calmness and her prayers aloud for my baby to have a safe passage.  I remember my little girl being gently placed on my chest by my husband and her beautiful face.  I remember that she wasn’t crying….she was peacefully breathing against my skin, looking around and taking it all in.  I remember she never left our side.  But most of all, I remember feeling God’s presence that day.

Sarah is amazing at what she does.  She has become a close friend and I know that she truly loves my sweet baby girl Gracelyn.  I see it when she holds her and I feel it when she hugs me.  She is more than a midwife, she is our friend and we would recommend her to anyone.  We look forward to God blessing us with another opportunity to work with her again.

Sarah, thank you for taking such great care of Gracie and thank you for your support, love and prayers.  We consider our family truly blessed to have had you lead us in this process.”

-Jason, Claudia and Gracelyn Lay

clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

Thank you for all your help and encouragement throughout my entire journey to motherhood. Words really can’t express how much I appreciate all that you did for me. I wouldn’t be here today without you! You are a true blessing to families, and expectant mothers. You never lost faith in me and gave me the strength to get through it until the end. I am so glad that you had such an important part in Braydon’s birth. Your words of encouragement, your knowledge to know what I needed and when I needed it without having to ask was fabulous. This has been a journey, and an experience that I will cherish forever. Thank you for being there for me through it ALL! You are amazing!


clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“I have attempted this testimony countless times over the last three months. I wanted it to be perfect…just like the experience Sarah gave us.  Although, I have learned there isn’t enough space to express our appreciation for her and how much we truly admire the changes she is making in this world.

My husband was apprehensive about having a home birth after having already gone through one hospital birth but after our initial meeting with Sarah he felt so much more relaxed. You just feel at home, with a friend, so easy to speak with.  Not once were we rushed through our prenatals, even when we had a list of a million questions to be answered. Each concern was addressed properly, and even when I forgot questions, which was often enough we always received a quick response via email/text.  The care she gave was nothing at all like what received with our daughter through an OB/GYN.  Everything was so simple & natural this time.  I had felt so energetic this pregnancy, more then I did with my first, even with a 1 yr old running around me.  Sarah always knew what to do and just what to say at the right time. When she saw my fears, she prayed for me.  It was that night that I was finally able release my fears, trust in the Lord that when it was time I was ready to relinquish my body to him and this unborn child of mine.  It was that week that Sarah guided us through what turned out to be the most beautiful experience of my life.

Should the Lord bless us with yet another miracle of life in the future Sarah will be the first person I call. I can’t wait for the day my son will ask to hear how he came into this world.  It will be a beautifully perfect story…Thanks to the Lord & Sarah!”


clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“The experience was one like I have never had before. My background as a paramedic made me think that having babies in the hospital was the only thing to do but having Braydon at the birth center was absolutely the best. Everything was very natural and it just happened as smoothly as possible. Sarah was fantastic in handling the birth and giving coaching and encouragement. If we have any more children she will definitely get the chance to be our midwife again.”

~Zachary Lane

clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“Sarah was a blessing to our family from the moment we met her.  She always had my best interest at heart and ensured that I was comfortable with every aspect of my pregnancy and birth.  I cannot speak for everyone, but I know as a first time mother-to-be and now as a first time mother, I had a plethora of questions and concerns.  Sarah always responded with educated answers and warmth, even if it was one o’clock in the morning.  Also, at times during the labor when I did not think I could do it, her kind words of prayer and coaching gave me strength and confidence. This type of care could only be possible from a midwife with great amounts of experience and passion.  I would not change a thing about my prenatal or birthing experience.  It was, simply put, perfect. Thank you and God bless you Sarah for all you did for Carlie and me.  Needless to say you will be getting a call when I get pregnant with number two!”

~Joyce Oser

clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“Hey Sarah,  I just wanted to thank you again for being just the perfect midwife for us.  I couldn’t have had a more beautiful experience.  Adonai gave you to us for such a time as this and you helped every prayer come true that we had for this birth.  And as far as not tearing, wow what a difference.  I am getting to still be with my family because recovery is so quick.  Just so thankful to you Sarah. My mom has a whole different opinion of homebirths now :) We all love you very much,

~TinaMarie and family

clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“I just wanted to thank you SO much for the awesome breastfeeding class. My mom was very impressed as well. I love how you helped us all relax about it with your sense of humor and confidence, since we are mostly all new to that and a little nervous and uncomfortable.

I felt like we got tons of great information and I feel much more prepared and ready to try it out.  Even excited (which is a 180 from the anxiety I felt before the class).”


clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

When I met Sarah, I knew I had found the midwife I wanted. She is a truly special woman – warm, caring, energetic, and with a certain “glow” about her that comes from her confidence in herself and from her trust in God. Choosing a midwife can be a daunting task, especially for a first-time mom. A midwife is someone who will ask you intimate questions, and will want to know minute details about your life: your diet, your exercise, your emotional well-being, etc. I was looking for someone I could imagine sharing my life with for the next nine months or so, and Sarah was definitely that person. I felt that Sarah was nearly as excited about my baby as I was, and she always had time to listen to my concerns and answer my husband’s many questions. When our baby was a surprise breech, she didn’t hesitate – she knew what she was doing and we proceeded safely with the home birth. I am so grateful that God placed Sarah in my life for the birth of my daughter!


clients of Dallas Fort Worth midwife Sarah Jones

“Sarah, I just had to thank you for all of your help. You helped me to feel so comfortable with the idea of a natural birth. I am not quite sure if you remember, but when at my first appointment I was going crazy, because I had been bleeding. As a matter of fact the night before my appointment I went to the emergency room, and they sent me home with papers that read “threatened abortion”. I was surprised at the way you remained calm and professional about it, I went home after that appointment feeling like everything was going to be OK. You provided me invaluable information on things that I could take to help make my uterus stronger , as well as a clear mind. I am still very new to the “natural” way of doing things, and you accepted me and made me feel comfortable. Booker and I could not have asked for a better birthing experience. You have completely changed my view on a lot of things in life. As a matter of fact my diet has undergone a major change as a result. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to have the Natural VBAC that Booker and I wanted for our son. This was the best birthing experience ever! Thank you for all you have done and thank you for making it all possible and helping me every step of the way.

P.S: Both of your assistants were great! I love you all! I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”


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