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A Midwife’s Birth Story

Holland Baker Jones: born Jan 29 at 8:51 pm at home, in water

Here is your mommy and daddy during pushing with your sweet midwife encouraging me.  Meili is standing guard too.

Dear Holland I wanted to tell you the story of your birth. It all started on Tuesday morning 1/29/13, mommy woke up with some warm up labor, mostly irregular contractions and feeling really crampy.  I told your daddy it could be the start of something or maybe just warm up that may still take a few more weeks.  I was 38 weeks 4 days pregnant with you so it all seemed too early to really be happening for a first baby.  I decided to ignore them and get some office work done. Daddy decided to stay home and work too.  Later in the morning I took a bath and everything seemed to stop completely.  I took a nap later that day and then daddy and I went for a walk. I only had about 2 contractions on the walk. By then I was sure you weren’t coming for a few more weeks.

Around 5:15 pm I was making dinner and I got hit with a good contraction. I was scheduled to teach an oil workshop that night at 6 pm.  I remember thinking I need to calm everything down so I can go to that workshop. So I got in a bath to relax and see if it would stop everything.  I called the lady who set up the workshop to tell her I thought I was in early labor, but then I was feeling bad for canceling and decided I’d push through and just go teach real quick. As I’m talking my self into going to this class the contractions are getting more intense and lasting longer.  Around 5:25 pm I was in true active labor contractions were lasting a min and starting to come every 3-4 min.  They were pretty intense for starting off labor.  I called your midwife Gina and told her I didn’t know how I’d teach with these contractions.  She said no your not going to teach, give me the lady’s number ill take care of it.  Not long after that I checked my cervix and found I was 5 cm and things were moving fast. Daddy asked if he should call Gina to come and I said yes.  Contractions were pretty intense and on top of each other. Your daddy was trying to set up the big birth pool and get all the scriptures put up while running back to me every time he heard me start to moan trough a contraction. He did such a great job coaching me through out the process.  Daddy would squeeze mommy’s hips and encourage me with prayers, verses and telling me I could do it and that I was beautiful. It was such a special time for daddy and I.  We really felt God’s presence in our home. We had an amazing worship play list going in the back round as well. It truly felt like a worshipful labor and birth.

Your midwife Gina arrived at 6:24 pm.  She was amazing helping me get through the hard contractions. I would look into her eyes and just focus on relaxing through each contraction.  At 6:41 pm I got onto the toilet to labor and I was 6 cm, 100% effaced.  I felt your sutures were transverse so we decided to do a few lunges to get your head turned.  At 6:58 pm my water broke with a big gush, I was in the middle of a lunge leaning over our bed with Daddy squeezing my hips behind me. It startled daddy. :)  I was crying out to the Lord for strength for each contraction and thanking Him for bringing you to us safely.  By this point the big pool was almost filled up.  Once the temp was perfect I got into the pool with daddy, it was 7:15 pm at this point.  I mostly labored in the kneeling position.  At 7:45 pm I was dilated to 8 and then 9 cm at 7:59 and then fully dilated at 8:02 pm. We called Keri your birth photographer to come when I told them I was 8 cm it was really hard to get on top of the contractions during transition because things were moving so fast.

At 8:13pm I started pushing. I believe Keri your birth photographer and Beth our midwife assistant arrived at this point.  Pushing was more intense then I ever imagined. I remember looking up from time to time at those beautiful faces and I knew I was surrounded by women of faith.  Their love and support were beautiful.   Everyone has their opinion on pushing feeling better or not.  The only thing I can say is that I loved knowing it meant you were nearly here.  I could feel you moving down with the pushes, which was so reassuring.  There were a few times when I felt it was too much and I remember your daddy and your midwife telling me I could do it and I was almost done. At 8:40 pm Gina told me I should try to stand in between contractions to stretch my legs.  Then during a contraction I would get back in the water and push again.  This made a huge difference with bringing you down.   Right before you were born Gina said to me, “just 3 more contractions, you can do this.”  I remember feeling your sweet head moving down the birth canal.  The next contraction came and the coolest moment was when your head popped out and it went from feeling like we were one person to two.  I’ll never forget seeing and feeling your sweet head as I waited for the next contraction.  On the second contraction from the time Gina said you’d be here within 3, you came. You came with your left arm up by your face, in the back round the song How He Loves by David Crowder Band was playing. Mommy got to catch you as you came out. It was the most incredible moment of my life bringing you into the world.  From active labor till you were out it was 3 hours and 24 min.  Total pushing was 49 min.  Shortly after you came I delivered the placenta.  You were born at 8:51 pm in a birth pool in mommy and daddy’s room.

We feel so blessed to have you in our family. You, coming into the world marked the beginning of us becoming parents.  We are so in love with our sweet Holland Baker Jones! We spoke over your life and destiny as we wept and laughed thanking God for the gift that you are!   You came out weighing 6 pounds even which is what we prayed the whole time. You were 18.5 inches long, your head was 13 inches and your chest was 12 1/8 inches around.  You were perfect in every way.   Daddy and I prayed so much for your birth before hand and God really honored our hearts desires.  Your labor was quick, beautiful and filled with God’s presence.

Best moment of my life meeting you for the first time face to face!

Enjoying our herbal bath

Holland and her daddy bonding

February 11, 2013
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