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Bringing Awareness to Human Trafficking

Child Sex trafficking has not only become a problem in countries around Asia and Africa, but is rapidly growing in our own back yards here in the United States. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means children are being taken from their families and sold into prostitution against their will.  We as a people need to bring awareness to not only our own children, but also our close friends, neighbors, co workers and the people we want to protect.

Children are being taken from their very own bedrooms, schools, betrayed by “family friends” and much more.  How can it be?  The missing person’s report goes up every day for young teen girls, many are said to be run-aways.  The truth of the matter is many of these girls are finding themselves in the hands of evil men who will abuse and sell them in the sex trade.

Why is this not being talked about more?  These are our children we are talking about.  Lets not turn a blind eye to this people!  My heart is breaking for your children.  It is our responsibility to protect these kids and put a stop to this madness.

You may ask your self, how can I make a difference, I am only one person?  The start of it is bringing awareness!  Informing yourself and your own children of this problem and reporting suspicious men with underage girls.  Be approachable to your children, so that they can tell you anything without fearing your response.  Not putting your kids in situations that can lead to them becoming captives to it.  These pimps will take girls from malls, streets, pose as friends from school, boyfriends and so much more.  Be-careful who you allow your kids to be friends with and who they are allowed to spend the night with.  Sometimes the enemy is someone you trust!

This problem has exploded since the start of the internet and websites such as craig’s list and My Space where many of these girls are being exploited.

Check out this website:

Thank you for listening to me rant on this.  I am just realizing my eyes are really being opened to this for the first time and I am ready to make a difference.

March 2, 2010
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